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Set the Path for the Sustainable Future of Your Company Using Carbon Credits 

What would happen if you could offset all the CO2 emissions generated by your company and your products? 

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How Your Company Can Make a Valuable Contribution to Climate Protection 

  Every company produces unavoidable residual emissions that cannot be completely prevented with current methods. Carbon credits offer you a market-based approach to offset this part of your carbon footprint while achieving your sustainability goals

  • Offset CCF and PCF: Use carbon credits to mitigate either your corporate carbon footprint (CCF) or the product carbon footprint (PCF) of your retail products from the cradle to the gate. 

  • Proven quality: Your invested capital flows into carefully selected and thoroughly assessed climate protection projects. 

  • Transparent and clearly calculated: One carbon credit corresponds to one metric ton of greenhouse gases that are either removed from the atmosphere or not emitted in the first place. 

Think Ahead About Sustainability in Your Company 

Carbon credits are a crucial component of your sustainability strategy and should be seamlessly integrated into it. A holistic approach not only contributes to achieving the global 1.5-degree target, but also to the success of your organization. It is often the uncertainty surrounding the following issues that prevents companies from taking the first step: 

  • How do we respond to shareholder pressure and evolving regulations in the carbon market? 

  • How do we minimize the risk of greenwashing and find projects that fit our corporate philosophy

  • How do carbon credits fit into our overall climate protection strategy, and how do we communicate CO2 offsetting in a transparent and credible manner

The answers to these and many more questions can be found in our carbon credit white paper entitled “Identifying Good Carbon Credits, Purchasing Them, and Using Them Effectively in Your Sustainability Strategy”. Get started today and actively shape a more sustainable future for your business. 

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Types of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Your Company 


This is How You Can Optimise Your Sustainability Strategy with the SBTi Framework

Ready to make a real difference in tackling climate change while boosting your company's sustainability efforts? Dive into our complimentary whitepaper for actionable insights on reducing emissions and enhancing your climate impact. Learn to set science-based targets in line with the SBTi framework, effectively address Scope 3 emissions, and integrate product-based carbon credits to truly combat climate change.

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